The South Plains Food Bank needs your help to win a contest that could add a good number of trees to their orchard.

They’re competing in a nation wide program called Communities Take Root that provides fruit trees to winning communities. The food bank currently has an apple orchard that provides apples to hungry locals. However, some trees in the orchard have been stricken with disease.

Ashley Basinger, the horticulturist for the food bank, says the addition of 100 trees would have a substantial impact on the amount of apples produced by the orchard. "This orchard is not only important to the families here in Lubbock and on the south plains, but in other communities where we are able to distribute our apples” she says.

Helping the South Plains Food Bank is simple; beginning Friday, go online to and cast your vote. Voting will be open until August 31st, and votes can be cast each day. In all, 20 communities will be chosen as winners.