Students without the newly required meningitis vaccine will be allowed to attend South Plains College under conditional enrollment through January 26th due to the large number of enrolled students who have yet to get the vaccine. The vaccination deadline was originally January 6th, however it was delayed because of a shortage of vaccines.

Students will have through January 26th to provide proof of vaccination for the spring semester. Approximately 400 enrolled students who are required to have the vaccination have not yet been vaccinated. New students, or students who did not attend SPC in the fall of 2011 are required by law to get the vaccine. To obtain conditional enrollment status students must contact the Office of Admissions in person.

Vaccination locations and pricing:


South Plains Rural Health- $8, (shipments expected this week)

Family Medicine East- $204

Levelland Clinic-$204


United Pharmacy at 82nd and Frankford-$130

Wal Greens at Fourth Street and Slide Avenue-$133.99

Wal Greens at Indiana Avenue and 34th Street-$133.99

Wal Greens at 50th Street and Avenue Q-$134

Wal Greens at 82nd Street and University Avenue-$140

Wal Greens at Slide Road and 50th Street-$140

Wal Greens at 98th Street-$133.99

City of Lubbock Health Department-$10 without health insurance, unavailable to insured.

Each location accepts cash only. Students must bring a shot record with them, and are urged to call before arriving to make sure shots are still in stock.