On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Bob Matson and Michael Martin Melendrez from Soil Secrets of Texas talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about a revolutionary new agricultural product.

TerraPro is a new product from Soil Secrets that combines beneficial fungus and humic acids to create a massive increase in soil quality. Melendrez, the founder of Soil Secrets, explained the science behind TerraPro.

According to him, the mycorrhizae fungi in TerraPro, along with a high concentration of humic acids, helps to not only fortify the soil, but also helps the crops absorb more water and nutrition from the soil on a molecular level. This results in a dramatic increase in crop production without having to use as much water.

Matson appeared on Lubbock's First News all week long, along with other farmers and business owners who have had great success with TerraPro.

For more information on Soil Secrets of Texas and all of their products, visit their website at soilsecretsoftexas.info.