From time to time I will be giving my thoughts on different trends that I see popping up in social media. I will mainly focus on Facebook and Twitter, but there will be times when I look at other sites as well. Today, I will be focusing on Facebook and the growing trend of activism on the site.

I have a lot of Facebook friends which means that I get to see what a lot of different people are up to. Some are listeners and some are friends. Some I know from church and school, while others I have never met and may never meet. However, many of them have something in common. Activism.

Now, I'm not talking about discussing politics and posting stories which generate discussion. I'm talking about the status message that tell you to pass it on. Here is one for example:

Will you copy and paste this and leave it on your status for at least an hour??? April is Autism awareness month and Its Special Education week, and this is in HONOR of all the children who need a little(lots today) extra help, patience & understanding.

Now, I'm not against kids. I think it's wonderful that people serve and do things for kids with needs, but what is the point of posting stuff like this on Facebook as a status message? What are you really accomplishing? It's the high tech version of the Live Strong bracelets or the yellow ribbon car magnates. I know people mean well, but it seems as though many do this as a fad not because they really care.

I will probably be seen as cranky and cold-hearted, but in my opinion, Facebook activism means nothing. You aren't really doing anything at all. If all the people who re-posted status messages got off the couch and volunteered, we'd be a much better country. Whenever I see these status updates, I just roll my eyes and keep surfing.