With Chad Hasty on vacation this week, I decided to dip my toe into the pool of Chad's Morning Brief. However, with the way my schedule played out today, I'll give an evening recap of some of the stories locally, and nationally, that are worth your time.


2)  Neil Cavuto from FOX News focused his Tuesday commentary on how American's feel about Obamacare and the Obama Presidency.  Mark Levin played it during his show and I though Cavuto did a good job at articulating Americans' frustration.  You can see the the video by clicking this link

3)  Entertainment news website Deadline.com covered the story of a new FCC chairman being confirmed Tuesday after objections were lifted by Senator Ted Cruz

5)  KFYO's Cole Shooter reports on another major drug bust in West Texas


All of these stories, and more, will be discussed on the Wednesday editions of Lubbock's First News and the Chad Hasty Show on KFYO.  Carl Tepper will be filling in for Chad on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of this week.  Matt Crow will fill in for Chad on Saturday.