This morning while I was going through different news articles, I came across a story about possible health problems with people who sleep next to their pets. The article is from the USA Today and be viewed here.

I'm a pet owner. I've got a Beagle at home and for the most part she is a great dog. I love dogs and think that if you can be responsible, you should get a dog. However, I don't treat my dog like a human. (more after the jump)

This means I don't put her in clothes, I don't buy greeting cards that are from "the dog", I really don't even feed her "human" food. Though, I have been known to throw some scraps to her from time to time.

Something else I don't do? She isn't allowed on the bed. Instead, she has a very nice and large dog bed that she sleeps on. I'm not sure why I first came up with this rule. Maybe it was because of the stories my parents told me about their dog taking up most of the bed or their dog slapping them in the face with her paw.

I like my rule though. The bed is for human activity, whatever it may be. It's not for a dog that's been outside playing and cleaning itself to lay on. The above mentioned article does point out that the chances of you getting sick from sleeping next to your dog is small, but why take the chance? Plus, if your dog is used to getting on the bed, they could want to get up there all the time. That could mess up human activity in the bed... again, whatever that may be.

Let your dog have it's own space and get him or her a dog bed. They will love it and still love you in the morning.

Okay, now I'm ready for the hate mail and comments from you pet lovers out there. Post 'em below.