Senator Ted Cruz is ready to abolish the IRS. On Sunday, Senator Cruz said on FOX News that he supported abolishing the IRS and would want to institute a flat tax. According to the Washington Post, Cruz also proposed the flat tax idea in 2012.

“I think we ought to abolish the IRS and instead move to a simple flat tax where the average American can fill out taxes on postcard,” he explained in a Fox News interview over the weekend. “Put down how much you earn, put down a deduction for charitable contributions, home mortgage and how much you owe. It ought to be a simple one-page postcard, and take the agents, the bureaucracy out of Washington and limit the power of government.”

Cruz proposed a flat tax during the 2012 election, but he said he would keep a standard deduction for lower-income earners, as well as deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations.

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