According to the Austin American Statesman, the campus carry bill might actually be alive in the Senate. Democratic Senator John Whitmire previously blocked a Senate version of campus carry, but on Wednesday he confirmed to the Statesman that he would allow a hearing on House Bill 972 if it's assigned to his committee. So why the change of heart? Because of the weaker language in the bill. Since H.B. 972 allows schools to opt-out, Whitmire is okay with the bill.

Whitmire on his change-of-heart:

“The House bill allows public universities to opt out, and allows private schools to opt in, so the presidents of each campus can make the decision. That’s better than (state Sen. Brian) Birdwell’s bill that doesn’t allow that. “

Whitmire said that if the House bill by state Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress, is assigned to his committee, he will give it a required public hearing next week. “It will pass, I think, and we’ll get it to the floor where the full Senate can vote on it,” he said.

Will it pass the Senate? “I think so,” said Whitmire.

What would you like to see happen? Should the Senate pass this version of campus carry or should it be defeated so a stronger version without the opt-out language can eventually pass and become law?