According to the Dallas Morning News, most Texans favor a ban on texting while driving. According to the story, six out of ten Texans support a ban but that doesn't mean they don't text and drive themselves.

Six out of 10 drivers surveyed by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute favored a texting ban. And a slight majority supported prohibiting phone calls without a hands-free device, according to the poll released last week.

It’s the latest look at the public’s view on using phones behind the wheel, a contentious issue that has divided the candidates for governor.

Republican Greg Abbott, the attorney general, opposes a statewide ban. His Democratic rival, Fort Worth state Sen. Wendy Davis, was the co-author of an anti-texting and driving bill that faltered in the Legislature last year.

In the poll, an overwhelming majority of Texans say distracted driving is a serious problem that needs more attention, but nearly half believe that laws against it are too difficult to enforce.

And in many instances, that’s because those who know it’s risky behavior won’t stop.

Three-quarters of those surveyed say they’ve taken calls from behind the wheel, and more than 40 percent admitted texting while driving in the past month.

Researchers found that those with more education were more frequently texting or calling while driving.

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