The City of Lubbock is looking into spending $60,000 for a study on a new police station. Mayor Tom Martin called into Lubbock's First News to tell listeners why the study is needed. Here is what Rex Andrew wrote in his KFYO News story:

...discussion about the city possibly spending $60,000 for a study regarding problems with Lubbock’s police station.  It’s  a topic that has apparently confused some in the media and on the council.

“The last thing we want to do is ever have to go to the voters and say, ‘We need  X-million dollars for a new police station,’ and the bids come back at twice the amount that was approved.  And you do that by getting accurate figures up front, and that’s what this study is for. “

Mayor Martin also raised the possibility that a bond election would happen in the next couple of years. So the question is, why perform a study now? Won't things change in the next two years? Shouldn't the city wait until they are ready to have a bond election first?

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