In the upcoming legislative session in Texas, guns will be a point of discussion. Rep. George Lavender (R) will introduce a bill that would allow Texans who have a concealed handgun license the freedom to open-carry. According to the Dallas Morning News:

Lavender said he finds it ironic that freedom-loving Texas is one of just six states not to allow some form of open carry. The others are Illinois, New York, Arkansas, South Carolina and Florida. An open-carry law went into effect in Oklahoma on Nov. 1.


Lavender and other gun rights advocates argue that law-abiding citizens openly carrying pistols in public places pose a deterrent to criminals.


“This is Texas, and we should be the leader,” said Lavender, who was re-elected without opposition on Nov. 6. Support for his proposal, he said, “is very wide and deep. I think we are fixing to get there.”


Lavender unsuccessfully pushed an open-carry bill in the 2011 legislative session, but the measure never gained momentum. It failed to attract a Senate sponsor and died in committee.


“I think we have a new day this time,” he said.

Like his 2011 bill, the one he plans to introduce in the upcoming session would allow businesses and private property owners to post signs prohibiting firearms, he said. The current concealed-weapon law contains a similar provision.


Opponents said open carry has the potential to disturb the peace more than keep the peace.

Yesterday on KFYO, many listeners said they would like to freedom to chose, but would still carry their firearm concealed. What do you think about open-carry? If you have a CHL, what would you do? Let us know in today's KFYO Poll of the Day.