For a while now a debate has been going on about downtown Lubbock revitalization. Some in Lubbock want the private sector to pick up the tab, while others say the City of Lubbock should. Well forget about downtown for now and let's shift to NE Lubbock. According to a recent news story, the City of Lubbock will be paying for streets, water lines, and sewer lines in a new neighborhood called King's Dominion. Typically it's the developer, not the taxpayers that would be paying for this.

The City created a group called the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation and the City of Lubbock is doing the work for them. Some are complaining that population and housing numbers have steadily declined and this would help revitalize the area.

The question is, should taxpayer money be going towards this? Let us know what you think in today's LFN Poll of the Day.