A story from over the weekend in the Lubbock AJ took a look at local school districts and their use of corporal punishment. According to the paper Frenship and Lubbock-Cooper don’t use the form of punishment at all while Lubbock and Roosevelt ISDs hardly use it. According to Karen Garza, Superintendent of LISD, corporal punishment is only used as a last resort. In Lubbock-Cooper, Superintendent Pat Henderson did away with the form of punishment in the 90's because he believes it doesn't work. Henderson told the paper,

“As an assistant principal of another area school district, I saw it didn’t work,” he said. “Kids would get in trouble again and come back, and what do you do? Hit them harder?”

What do you think? When I was in school corporal punishment was used a feared by many students. Of course parents also wanted to spank their kids then too. Now some look at spanking as a form of child abuse. Many of the calls we have received from parents wish that schools would bring back and use corporal punishment more often.

Let us know what you think below. Should schools use corporal punishment?