More and more power is being given to the Electric Utility Board for LP&L. After yesterday's City Council meeting, it's now up to members of the EUB to decide whether or not the citizens of Lubbock get a rebate from LP&L. But that's not all, according to KFYO News:

The Council also approved the second reading of an ordinance which gives more power to the Lubbock Electric Utility Board. The office of the director of electrical utilities is now directly responsible to the Electric Utilities Board as well.

More information on these changes is available here.

Board members are currently picked by members of the City Council to serve. As the power of LP&L and the EUB grows, more and more people in Lubbock are wondering if it would be better if these members were elected by the people instead of selected by the council. What do you think? Would you like to see members of the EUB go through an election?