After Lubbock was hit with a city-wide blackout and power surges a couple of days later, some Lubbock residents reported that some of their appliances broke. Reports of air conditioning units, microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, and other items have been talked about all of the city. Two weeks ago we spoke to Mayor Glen Robertson about what action people could possibly take and he echoed what LP&L representatives had said. The Mayor and LP&L told citizens to file a claim with LP&L and the city. However, the Mayor did say that the City was protected by sovereign immunity. Meaning, you can't sue the City of Lubbock over this. According to one report, citizens are still waiting for LP&L to address the claims.

Do you think LP&L should be responsible for the appliances that stopped working after the blackout and power surges? Or, does this fall on the citizens? Should LP&L pay up? Let us know what you think in today's LFN Poll of the Day.