A new debate is heating up in Lubbock and it has to deal with transparency, LP&L, and TV. A couple of weeks ago Council Victor Hernandez proposed the idea of broadcasting the LP&L meetings on TV. Currently, the meetings are already open to the public but according to Councilman Paul Beane, the room the Electric Utility Board meets in is very small. Hernandez has said that broadcasting the LP&L board meetings would be a test of open government. The proposal failed with Mayor Tom Martin, Councilman Beane, Councilman Gilbreath, and Councilwoman Gibson voting against. In a commentary, Councilman Beane said that those who are serving on the LP&L board signed up not knowing they would be on TV, and they voted against being on TV 7-2. However, Beane said that in the future, meetings should be on TV if the LP&L board approves it.

So what do you think? Should the meetings be shown on TV?