If one LISD Board of Trustee has his way, you can say good bye to mohawks, purple hair, and tattoos in school. Yesterday District 3 LISD School Board of Trustee, Mark Blankenship, announced that he will be pushing for a stricter dress code. He also said that will be an issue on the May agenda and a decision should be made soon in order to give parents enough time to make any changes. According to KFYO News, here was the news release send out to media:


As the public is aware,  the L.I.S.D. dress code has been under review by the Board of Trustees since March, and was the subject of a recent Board workshop. I have  been working on this issue since the first day I was appointed in late January of this year, speaking with parents, teachers, administrators, employers and students.  Due to the nearing of the end of the school year, I have made a demand to have this issue put to a vote in May. I believe it  is important that our parents and students be put on notice as soon as possible of what will be expected of them during the fall term, at least as far as the dress code is concerned.  I will vote for a conservative dress code that will be in keeping  with our local community values. I believe that we have a  duty to teach our children how to properly present themselves  in a structured environment so they will later be prepared for life in the world outside of  public school.   I believe that local employers will appreciate a more structured school dress code since so many of them have dress codes.   I will vote to prohibit Mohawks/faux hawks, oversized/low hanging pants (pants belted above the waist), tattoos (must be covered), spacers, gauges, plugs, ear rings (K-8), extreme hair colors and other similar dress habits that are being seen in our schools, and I will call on the other Trustees to join me on this vote.  It will be up to the Board to thereafter exercise its statutory oversight and investigatory duties to ensure that the policy is enforced by the administration across the district,  as well as to ensure that we are providing our teachers support they need when they are called on to handle dress code issues.  It is my understanding in talking to the Board president  that this matter will now come up for vote at the Board’s regular meeting on May 24th.

So what do you think about this issue? Should LISD have a stricter dress code, or should it be left alone? Let us know your thoughts in today's LFN Poll of the Day.