According to a report, LISD is considering going to school uniforms in middle school. It's not clear whether all of the middle school's are considering the dress code change or if only a few are. According to the report from KCBD:

According to a letter sent out from the Lubbock Independent School District on February 1, 2012, the district set up 3 different meetings with parents this month, to hear their thoughts on possible school uniforms.

Atkins Middle School was one of the schools that sent letters out to parents, and is currently discussing the matter with the district.

According to LISD officials, the standardized dress code being contemplated would give students the option to wear a variety of colors and styles of shirts, skirts and pants.

I like the idea of going to school uniforms. It takes distractions out of the classroom and takes a more business like approach. Private schools and other districts have had uniforms for years, and the only complaints I hear are normally from the students. I'd probably hate it to if I was a student, but oh well. It also saves parents time and money by not having to go and buy a bunch of new clothes at the beginning of the school year. Kids know what they are going to be wearing the next day so there won't be a battle at home over what to wear. I've had many teachers tell me that school uniforms helps to improve grades and behavior. LISD could use the help I think. However, if LISD does plan to go to uniforms then it should be all middle schools and even the high schools. The dress code policy at the high schools isn't working. Time for a change.

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