The Lubbock City Council met Thursday night and on the agenda again was the dispute between City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld and Councilman Victor Hernandez. Once again, Hernandez refused to recuse himself from voting on issues pertaining to the situation between himself and the City Manager. He did however ask the City Attorney if it was legal to vote on the issue. According to KFYO News, Hernandez had rather vote and face the wrath of the voters.

Bill Curnow said “As a member of your Community Services and Development board, I can’t vote on any issue involving money in which I have a vested interest, but it doesn’t say the same for you.”

He continued “So it was legal, but was it ethical, and I say it wasn’t. It created the appearance of impropriety, which at a time like this, you can ill afford. This has to be above board, this has to be done very carefully, and it has to be done expeditiously, but it has to be done ethically.”

Hernandez asked Medina if he had the legal right to vote on the issue, and Medina responded that there is no legal impediment keeping Hernandez from voting on the items.

“If I partake in this process through my vote, then I’m very well aware that I do it to the detriment of my own political career, and that’s how I frame it,” said Hernandez. “The price I could ultimately pay is a political one, but legally, I’m within my right.”

Curnow responded, saying “It seems to me that all too often, we say ‘well, I was acting within the law,’ when really you’re acting within a grey area…but it was disappointing.”

“I am fully aware and cognizant of the possible ramifications to my political career, but I also understand, and I hope the public understands, that I will defend myself,” Hernandez remarked.

What do you think Councilman Hernandez should do? Legally, he can vote on the dispute between himself and the City Manager. Does that mean he should though? Let us know in today's KFYO Poll of the Day.