A new battle is underway at City Hall and this time it's about swimming pools. The city recently voted to go to Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Under these restrictions, no one is allowed to drain and then refill their swimming pool after April 1st. The city doesn't fill up the pools until after April though at two of their pools so that means they won't be able to open. However, two of Lubbock's public pools, Montelongo and Maxey are filled with well water that would not be under the restrictions.

Last Friday, Councilman Floyd Price said it would be unfair to keep two of the pools open and instead the city should shut them all down. Mayor Tom Martin and Councilman Paul Beane agreed. Councilman Victor Hernandez is fighting the plan.

So what should be done? Should the city close all 4 pools to save on costs and to be fair or should they leave the 2 pools open that use well water?