It's back to school time and while many parents can't wait for their snowflake to head back into the classroom, many are also worried. In the past bullying was something that topped the list of worries by parents. Gang violence, clothes, cell phones, and other things have been up there on the list, but this year is different. The top worry for parents? Sexting.

According to FOX News, sexting is now on the minds and top of mind of many parents out there.

It isn't grades, sports teams or bullying that have parents worried this back-to-school season. According to a recent survey, parents' top concerns for their children this school year is sexting, the practice of sending racy and inappropriate text and picture messages via cell phone.

Nearly half of the parents polled (49%) listed their top concern as sexting, followed by text messaging at 33%. In addition, 49% of respondents said their child had received an inappropriate text message or picture, and 21% reported their child has received a sext. The survey was conducted by SpectorSoft, a software company that produces internet and cell phone monitoring programs.

This is kinda surprising. 49% is a pretty big number especially when years ago parents weren't even that worried about their kids being on the internet.

As a parent, are you worried about your kid sending or receiving a sext?