On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Senator John Cornyn talked with Chad Hasty about his re-election campaign and his thoughts on Obamacare.

Today, Senator Cornyn officially announced his re-election bid in Austin. Cornyn explained that 2014 would be the Republican party's best shot to gain control over Congress and get rid of Obamacare, and that if re-elected, he would continue the fight to bring conservative values back to Congress. He said that his record proves that he is a conservative fighter, and that he aims to bring the Republican party together.

Obamacare is still looking to be one of the top issues for the 2014 elections. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he would "fix the problem" of millions of Americans losing their health insurance plans under the new Obamacare restrictions. However, Cornyn argues that Obamacare cannot possibly be fixed, and that Obama has no constitutional authority to change the law. He added that Obama's "fix" is nothing more than wishful thinking and an attempt to get some political cover for himself.

"This is about public relations. This is about damage control. If you look at the language he used, he said that the insurance companies and the insurance commissioners in the state may allow people to re-purchase their cancelled insurance. This is wishful thinking on his part, and he's trying to provide political cover for all of the people who are now looking for the exit door and who have dutifully voted with the President and supported Obamacare from the very beginning who are now finding that this is a disaster and threatens their political survival."

Cornyn went on to add that the whole Obamacare debacle will result in a huge loss for Democrats in 2014 and the destruction on the President's credibility.

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