U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz joined the Thursday edition of the Chad Hasty Show on News Talk 790 KFYO to discuss the latest on the national events in the country.

Cruz was asked about the domestic surveillance on Verizon Wireless customers which started April 25th of this year and will continue until July 19 according to Foreign Intelligence Service.

"It's certainly troubling. We need to wait and see exactly what the facts are and what exactly they are doing," said Cruz.

It is part of a pattern from this [Obama] administration not respecting the bill of rights or the constitution."

Cruz also talked about the promotion of Susan Rice as National Security Adviser and her role in spinning the Benghazi terrorist attack response by the Obama Administration.

Immigration reform was also discussed and Cruz said that "common sense" reform was needed and his opposition to the so called Gang of 8 immigration bill in the Senate.