Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) joined the Friday edition of the Chad Hasty Show on KFYO to discuss a variety of topics including ObamaCare, Syria, and the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre.

Senator Cornyn spoke on the Fort Hood Massacre and a bill he introduced to support the victims of the shooting by Major Nidal Hassan. Cornyn's bill will change the shooting from an action of "work place violence" to a "terrorist attack" so the victims and their families can earn recognition and benefits.

Cornyn also spoke on the Syria conflict and said he is skeptical of President Barack Obama's plan, but hopes a "sensible" plan is presented.

Cornyn was asked by Chad Hasty about Cornyn's amendment to delay implementation of ObamaCare and the possibility of organized labor unions asking for a repeal of the bill.

Listen to the interview online with our audio player or download the link below for your iPhone or iPad.

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