Today, Texas State Senator Dan Patrick (R- Houston) announced he is running for Lieutenant Governor in the 2014 Republican Primary.

“Recent events in the Texas Senate have confirmed the feeling that I have had for a while now,” said Senator Patrick. “We need new leadership in the Lieutenant Governor’s office that is unapologetically conservative and will get results.

“Illegal immigration and border security may be the federal government’s responsibility, but it’s our problem. This year’s budget, despite increasing overall government spending and debt, actually cut border security. I voted against it because this is Texas, not California. It’s time we have a Lieutenant Governor who understands that.

Sen. Patrick continued: “The office of Lieutenant Governor is supposedly the most powerful in the state and a Republican has held it for over a decade, yet so little has been done to address border security, debt, and property tax relief. It’s time for new conservative leadership. I have the proven track record, passion and energy to get the job done.”

Patrick joins a crowded race for the state's number two position.

Also running for Lt. Governor are current Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.