On Friday, Texas District 28 Senator Charles Perry joined The Chad Hasty Show to talk about several issues, including open carry.

Perry and Hasty discussed committees on which Perry will serve this term. Those committees are Senate Committee of Agriculture Water and Rural Affairs (of which Perry is the chair), Higher Education, Community Services, and Criminal Justice.

Areas up for discussion in those committees include private property, water rights and resources, wildlife regarding feral hogs, border security, immunizations, synthetic marijuana, open carry, and others.

Perry responded to questions about Governor Greg Abbott's statements on open carry and whether or not licenses will be required, as well as on the aggressive tactics used recently in Austin by Open Carry Tarrant County, and why the methods are the wrong approach to resolving the issue.

"Some of the folks on the aisle that are coming in with intimidating tactics have issues in their background that they can't get a CHL [Concealed Handgun License]. So there's always more than one agenda that's apparent. As Paul Harvey would say, there's always the rest of the story. So it's going to be an interesting debate. We're going to hear a lot of it, and I think if one does surface out, it will be a license to carry open or concealed.

Listen to the entire interview with Senator Charles Perry in the YouTube box above.

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