On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Senator Dan Patrick talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Texas Lieutenant Governor.

Currently, Patrick is on a tour of Texas, having spent the day in Lubbock yesterday. As a senator, he said has fought against C-SCOPE and Common Core, and also passed the Texas Sonogram bill.

Patrick said that originally, he hadn't intended to run for Lieutenant Governor. However, after watching Wendy Davis's filibuster and the chaotic end to this year's Texas legislative session, he decided to run and bring some leadership back to the Republican party. Patrick went on to say if he had been lieutenant governor at that time, he would have made sure there would have been no filibuster in the first place.

First of all, there should never have been a filibuster. We sent that bill out of the Senate without the ban of abortions at 20 weeks. People don't really know that...but that was mysteriously taken out of the bill, and I don't know know why. We had the vote. But the Lieutenant Governor did not insist on that bill going out with the ban of abortions at 20 weeks. Had we done that, the bill would have gone to the House, and would have to have been amended to put that in and it would not have come back to the Senate.

For more information on Dan Patrick and his run for Texas Lieutenant Governor, visit his official website at danpatrick.org.

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