I think I've purchased textbooks for the last time. And it's not just because I happen to be graduating from college this December. It's because those big, heavy textbooks may soon be replaced with a sleek, shiny iPad.

Across the nation, many schools are replacing textbooks with school-issued iPads. These iPads include electronic versions of the textbooks students would normally use, as well as other online resources students can use. Apple has reported that nearly 600 U.S. school districts have started using iPads as opposed to textbooks.

Whether or not these iPads will work as well as traditional textbooks remains to be seen, but I love this idea. Today's students are surrounded by technology everyday; more and more people are starting to use their eReaders and iPads and other such devices to read; why not use it for educational purposes? I just wish we could've come up with this" iPads replacing textbooks" idea a little sooner. It would've been much easier on me (and my shoulders) to carry an iPad all over Tech rather than 4 or 5 massive textbooks.