On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Dan Pope, candidate for LISD School Board District 5, talked with Chad and Rex about his re-election campaign for the school board.

Pope said that one thing he'd like to change if he were re-elected to the school board is the student code of conduct, particularly the dress code. Pope believes that the current dress code is much too relaxed.

"You don't want your teachers and principals to just enforce the dress code, but at the same time you ant your kids to be in an enviroment where they can learn and they're not distracted by...purple hair."

Pope said he thought the idea of a standardized dress code worked well, but he would not support it if the parents didn't support it.

Pope also talked about the LISD budget and saving money. He said that the school board had to make some difficult cuts last year, but the consolidation and closing of a few schools would help save some money.

Pope also talked about bond elections, teacher moral, and his thoughts on Superintendent Karen Garza.