The internet is buzzing about the Palin vs. Couric network battle that is supposed to play out tomorrow. Sarah Palin will be guest hosting the "Today Show" on Tuesday morning while Katie Couric is hosting ABC's "Good Morning America". Conservative bloggers, Drudge Report, and some on Twitter are playing up the ratings battle between the two.

Personally, I don't care and don't really know anyone who does either. Sarah Palin had a bad interview with Katie Couric years ago and no one has gotten over it apparently. This isn't a rematch or even a battle. Most likely, the "Today Show" will get the higher ratings like they typically do. I am a little surprised that Palin agreed to host the show knowing the reputation NBC News has.

The only way this could be interesting is if Sarah Palin was actually interviewing Katie Couric. Even then, I would only think about setting up my TiVo. I wouldn't waste the space, but I'd at least think about it.