Are you one of the millions of people who bought the iPhone 5? If so, I've got bad news for you. The phone you are holding is already old news. According to the Washington Post, Apple may have already started on the iPhone 5S.

According to the site’s Steve Shen, Apple is believed to be in the very early stages of production on the new device. The report says that the next iPhone will enter trial production in December and ramp up to volume production in the first quarter of next year. The report indicated that the iPhone 5S would come out before a new iPad.

There are several things about this report that don’t match up with Apple’s usual production schedules. For the past two years, iPhones have come out in the fall, while iPad models have debuted in the spring. Before that, Apple announced new models of the iPhone in the summer at the Worldwide Developers conference (though the Verizon iPhone 4 and the white iPhone 4 came out later than the initial model) .

Then again, Apple hasn’t exactly shied away from changing up its production schedule in the past. As recently as last month, the company surprised its consumers with a new version of the iPad with a faster processor, dock connector and new front-facing camera.

It wouldn't shock me if Apple came out with a new phone soon. They did it to those who bought the iPad, so why not come out with a new iPhone? Either way, I'll stick with my old iPhone 5 for a couple of years. At that point we will see what is on the market.