Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. U Can Share Food Drive

This morning, Rex and I will be doing the show LIVE from the U Can Share Food Drive located at 82nd and Frankford. We will be doing the show from inside the trailer. We hope that you can come on out and donate food or money. It's an Open Line Friday which means you can call in and discuss anything you want. Maybe you want to talk about businesses that are doing just fine in this economy. Like McDonald's who saw sales rise 7.4% in November. Down economy or not, people still like cheap fast food. In fact here in Lubbock, granted we have been shielded from the worst, restaurants are doing great. Fast food and sit-down places alike.

2. The gloves are off! (link)

On the show this week, Rex and I have been talking about the target on Newt Gingrich's back and the fact that not all Republicans are ready to back the former Speaker. On Thursday, Romney backers took the gloves off.

a couple of Mitt Romney’s big-name Republican supporters said Thursday the former House speaker’s history of “irrational behavior” and saying “outrageous things” has made him a thorn in the side for many conservatives and would make him a weak Republican nominee for president.“The speaker is running as a reliable and trusted conservative leader. What we are here to say is that he is not a reliable and trusted conservative leader,” former Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri said in a conference call with reporters.

Mr. Talent and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu highlighted Mr. Gingrich’s sharp public criticism earlier this year of House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s plan to dramatically overhaul Medicare, the federal program for retirees, as a prime example of why the Georgia Republican would be an unreliable leader.

“Gingrich’s undercutting of Paul Ryan proves that he is more concerned about Newt Gingrich than he is about conservative principles,” Mr. Sununu said.

Look for more of these type of statements from establishment Republicans in the future.

3. Lincoln's sword found (link)

The sword that was stolen from Lincoln's tomb has been recovered. Now the questions is, will they fix it.

A 16-year-old boy, whose name won’t be released, told investigators the sword came loose when he grabbed it, and it fell to the ground breaking into two pieces. It was returned to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency during a news conference at Springfield Police headquarters Tuesday.

Catherine Shannon, the agency’s acting director, says she was shocked to learn the sword has been recovered, and doesn’t know if it’ll be repaired.

“We do appreciate the citizen who came forward. We actually had a couple of people offering to replace the sword for free,” she says. “We were very grateful for that.”

Police say a series of tips led investigators to the boy, who has been charged with theft and criminal trespassing. Springfield Police Chief Robert Williams says security has been increased at the cemetery for now, but the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency says its budget is getting smaller, and permanent enhancements probably won’t be possible.

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