On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News Sondra Ziegler, a volunteer for the Romney campaign, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about her experiences campaigning for Romney in the battle ground state of Ohio.

Ziegler, along with 8 other volunteers from Lubbock County, recently returned from working at the Romney campaign in Ohio. Altogether, she visited nearly 1,00 homes and made 6,000 calls encouraging people to vote Romney. Ziegler said that it's not a glamorous job, but it is an important one for the campaign.

Ziegler also said it was very important for a Presidential candidate to have a presence in the state early in the election. She notes that the Obama campaign has been in Ohio for quite a while, and already had a strong presence in that state. However, the Romney campaign has made up a lot of ground and now, the campaign presence of both candidates is about even.