Inflated stormwater fees drove Lubbock charter school Rise Academy to raise an issue with the city.

Richard Baumgartner, the director and founder of Rise Academy, believes the school should be exempt from paying stormwater fees like other public schools.

Baumgartner told KAMC News the January rate change took the school’s stormwater rate from $92 to $383, and that charter schools are considered public schools by state law. Therefore, they should see an exemption.

Baumgartner filed a formal appeal form with the city on June 2, and found out July 29, that the school would indeed earn the exemption he desired.

On August 5, LP&L threatened to discontinue the school’s service due to Baumgartner's refusal to pay the increased rate. However, the issue has since been resolved, and no disconnect will occur.

[Via Everything Lubbock]