Three debates, three disappointing performances. It's not what the Perry campaign, or any of us thought would happen really. Out of all the candidates, Rick Perry may be the worst debater. You can tell that he is thinking faster than he can talk and with each flubbed line, Mitt Romney starts to look better and better.

Don't count Perry out yet though. When it comes to campaigning there aren't many better than Rick Perry. He will continue to give speeches and talk to people one on one and that is where Perry flourishes. It's been a while since Perry has had to debate a serious opponent. I'm sure that's part of the reason he looks uncomfortable on stage.

Today and for the next week or so, we will see stories that try to paint the Perry campaign as dead. It's anything but. Last night's poor performance might just be the thing that will get Team Perry going. He may lose ground to Romney in the national polls, but I still believe that Perry and Romney will be the last two standing. If Perry can stay within 5 points of Romney than I believe he will be in an excellent position to still win the nomination. Let's not forget that Romney's support isn't die hard and he has many skeletons in his closet.

It's still a long race to go. Rick Perry can still win and so can Mitt Romney. hold on for a wild and crazy ride.