Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered his State of the State speech Tuesday, and addressed a wide range of issues.

Perry discussed cutting higher education costs, reducing taxes, job growth, and measures for state universities to keep the costs of higher education in check.

The state’s longest serving governor also called on the Legislature to provide at least $1.8 billion in tax relief, and to pass a constitutional amendment to allow the state to give money directly back to taxpayers.

Some Texas officeholders weighed in on Perry’s State of the State address.

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst said “The vision Governor Perry outlined in his State of the State address will enable us to build on our conservative fiscal principles and keep Texas economically prosperous for years to come.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said “Today’s State of the State speech was a robust reminder about why Texas values and Texas principles make our state the most exceptional in the nation, and was a call to action to keep it that way.”

Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond also voiced his views on the address, saying “I am especially happy that the Governor supports funding the statewide water plan and using Rainy Day Fund money for new transportation projects as well as calling for an end to diversions to the state highway fund.”

“I am also encouraged by the Governor’s tax cutting message and his support of making the franchise tax exemption for small businesses permanent,” Hammond continued.

Complete text of Perry's address is available here.