Florida’s governor out-fishes Texas’ governor to promote inter-state competition.

Governor Rick Perry participated in a fishing derby with Florida Governor Rick Scott, to promote competition between states as a means of strengthening economic development and job creation.

Both Perry and Scott have advocated competition between states for jobs and economic development projects.

“Our competition only makes us stronger across the board, and while some might be tempted to rest on their laurels, in Texas we know we can always do better,” Perry said. “Seeing states like Florida aggressively and effectively working to close the gap only spurs us to raise the bar even higher.”

Scott also weighed in, saying “We look forward to surpassing Texas and continuing this great competition that will only make our economy stronger.”

Scott out-fished Perry 5-2, but Perry had the biggest catch of the day. Following the fishing derby, the two governors attended a lunch with U.S. military veterans to enjoy the day’s catch.