Lubbock has a new place to grab a cup of coffee and tea. Or, you can grab a beer or enjoy a glass of wine if you'd like. The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar has (finally!) opened in Lubbock.

I've been following the progress of The Buzz since I first heard about it. At that time, the owners were looking to put their business in the Depot District but those plans were stopped by red tape and who knows what else in dealing with the City of Lubbock. Owners finally decided to change locations and ended up right off the west loop at 606 W. Loop 289 next to Steak Express and Wal-Mart.

The Buzz opened up this Friday and I had been looking forward to trying it out all week. On Sunday, probably not their busiest of days, I decided to head over and check out Lubbock's newest spot for wine and coffee.

I know it wasn't their first choice, but I must say that I like the location of The Buzz. It's easy to get to since it's

located right off the loop and in a more central location. Living in southwest Lubbock, I would rather take the short drive to the west loop instead of having to drive all the way down to the Depot. This will really come in handy on the weekend since The Buzz has their own parking lot which means I won't have to drive around to find a place to park. That is a big plus.

When you enter, you can tell that The Buzz is aiming for a trendy yet casual atmosphere. Concrete floors and high ceilings is a nice touch, though depending on the musical act it could become loud. Art has started to pop-up on the walls and I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling art in the future. Seating is mainly at tables though there are a few couches. A large bar is in the center of the establishment that is very nice looking. There were a few seats at the bar, but I think they would rather you sit at the tables instead of at the bar. That's not a big deal since The Buzz is a place to socialize and hang out. There is also a large stage in the front that will give many people a good view. Overall, I liked the atmosphere and could see where they are heading. They could use some more art on the walls, but that will come in time. If you are wondering, yes they also have free wifi service. That is an added bonus.

Of course the atmosphere doesn't matter if the selection of drinks is bad. As someone who enjoys wine, I went

in hoping that they would have a decent selection and at the right price. The Buzz did not disappoint. The lady who was helping us out gave me a recommendation on wine. Even though I knew I wanted a glass of wine, I wasn't sure what I wanted. She recommended their house cabernet, Shadowbrook. Not only did she recommend it, but she also poured me a taste which was a huge plus. Was it the greatest cabernet in the world? No, but for a house wine it was very good and at a great price. Their house cabernet only cost $4.00. That is good. By the way, Shadowbrook was the only non-Texas wine that they had. The rest of their wines can be found on their website.

Don't be fooled by their name. The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar also has a great selection of beer and snacks. The fruit and cheese tray looked good as did their desserts.

The Buzz also has an extensive selection of tea's and of course, coffee. The Buzz serves Cuvee Coffee which is roasted in Texas! Cuvee Coffee is located in the Texas Hill Country about 20 miles from Austin. I really like the Texas theme The Buzz has going with their coffee and wines. The Buzz serves over 20 types of tea as well, not bad at all and I look forward to trying many of them.

The service was good and very helpful. You can tell that they are training some people so don't expect perfection right off the bat, though we had no issues. All the employees were nice, helpful, and seemed like they wanted to be there. I hate going somewhere only to have to deal with people who seem like they hate their jobs or life. The folks at The Buzz fit in nicely with the atmosphere. Inviting, open, and fun.

I think The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar fills a huge void in Lubbock. A laid back, casual yet trendy spot to enjoy coffee, tea, wine, or a cold beer. What's not to like about that? Do they have the greatest selection of wine? No, but the selection of wine they have is fine and priced just right. Hopefully in the future their wine selection will grow in future, but I'm fine with it the way it is right now.

The only bad thing I have to say about The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar is that you can't enjoy a cigar inside. Many people will be okay with that though. Hopefully in the future there will be seating outside and cigars will be allowed. If that happens, I may never leave.

The Buzz is new and I am excited about it's potential. It's already better than many places we have in Lubbock and I think it will only get better. When you have a chance, swing by and try out The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar. I believe you will be happy you did.

The Buzz Coffee & Wine Bar

Location: 606 W. Loop 289 next to Steak Express

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7am-10pm, Friday-Saturday: 7am-Midnight, Sunday: Noon-10pm

Must try? Yes!