Rockfish isn't a new restaurant in Lubbock, but it does have new management which, if done correctly, can bring new life to a place that was just getting by. From the looks of it, new General Manager Chad Francis is doing just that and after talking to him he has much more planned.

My wife and I went to Rockfish recently for dinner and were impressed by what we had and what we saw. In the past, the wait-staff seemed to be just going through the motions at times, but this past Friday night they were on top of things which is a really good sign.

The menu has changed at Rockfish and includes healthy options along with the favorites. I liked the big 2 sided menu that they have now. It reminded me of something you'd see at a restaurant on a wharf. We started off with an order of calamari which came out hot and very tasty. For some reason, it seems that at a lot of places the calamari comes out just warm enough for a few minutes. The calamari didn't take long to come out either and was spaced out far enough before we got our dinner.

Chad Hasty,

For dinner I had the Mango Tilapia which was their special of the evening. It was fantastic. My second choice would have been their Cedar Plank Salmon, but I felt like branching out and the Tilapia sounded good. At first I was worried that the mango would overpower the fish, but it complimented it well instead. The fish had a great flavor and again came out at the perfect temperature. The Mango Tilapia was also topped with grilled shrimp which was nice. For those who wonder about portion size, this should fill you up if you can eat the entire plate. It was filling and very good.

I look forward to seeing what other choices GM Chad Francis brings to Rockfish and it's safe to say that we will be going back soon. If you are looking for a place to have good fish and good drinks, check out Rockfish Seafood Grill tonight.

Rockfish Seafood Grill

Location: 6253 Slide Rd.

Phone: (806) 780-7625

Price: $$

Chad Hasty,