Texas Republican Agriculture Commissioner candidate J Allen Carnes appeared on the Thursday edition of Pratt on Texas to discuss his run for higher office. Carnes currently serves as the mayor of Uvalde.

Mr. Carnes discussed his history and background in farming.

He assured listeners that he is dedicated to the agriculture industry to assuage the belief that the post is a political stepping stone.

When asked about underground water rights Carnes said, "The problem that we run into sometimes when we have state officials looking at what we're doing out in rural Texas ... they automatically think that farmers and ranchers and rural people aren't good stewards of the land. And you know, we were the first people to conserve out there, we had to because it was our bottom line... We had to look at conservation because we had to make sure that it was there for tomorrow..."

"I think we have the responsibility, as the land owner, to conserve for the future, but I think it's our right to decide how to conserve..."

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J. Allen Carnes on Pratt on Texas September, 5 2013

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