Today on the Chad Hasty Show, Paul Beane spoke with Texas House Representative John Frullo about Proposition 6 and

Frullo said, "I am in favor of it for several reasons. First off, we need to jump start that. We need to get some money going into funding these programs... We have a fifty-year water plan, about $53 billion that is targeted for spending in that plan... It takes some of that money from the rainy day fund, for water... about $2 billion dollars will be put into an evergreen fund. That money will be a revolving loan fund."

Regarding a statement about unemployment, Frullo said, "one of the best things we can do about unemployment is to create jobs and Texas has a great track record." He noted Texas' progress in job creation, as well as the increasing number of people moving to Texas. He said this shows support and votes of the people by the increasing Texas population. Frullo also commented on his financial budget voting decisions.

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