A heated primary for District 19 here in Texas is brewing between Congressman Randy Neugebauer and former Lubbock County GOP Chairman Chris Winn. Some were surprised, others not so surprised when Chris Winn filed his paperwork on Friday. Many expect this to be a battle with a lot of money spent, something Neugebauer hasn't really had to do when it comes to re-election.

The challenge for Chris Winn will be to convince voters that Neugebauer is part of the problem in Washington. That could prove tough since Neugebauer was ranked one of the most conservative members of Congress. The challenge for Neugebauer will be to overcome the anti-incumbency feeling that is spreading across the country. He has to show that he really is in tune with the voters and that he isn't part of the establishment.

As of right now, we want to know who you support for Congress. Randy Neugebauer or Chris Winn? Leave your thoughts below as well.