In response to President Obama’s announcement last week that 33,000 surge troops will be withdrawn by the summer of next year, Rep. Randy Neugebauer has released a statement taking issue with the details.

In his weekly newsletter online, Neugebauer writes that while our ultimate goal is to bring the troops home, he worries that withdrawing the troops so quickly could jeopardize the ground the U.S. has gained and stall the progress the U.S has made in the last decade.

“Together with the fact that both Secretary of State Gates and our military leaders advised the president against this, I am afraid we may be throwing in the towel too early, and signaling to the rest of the world we are leaving a fight unfinished,” Neugebauer said.

"Any accomplishments we've had in Afghanistan are to be credited to our men and women in uniform.  We continue to be a nation of freedom because thousands of brave military men and women have given of themselves to defend our nation in times of need.