Rep. Charles Perry will join the show on Wednesday and we have a lot to cover. The Legislative session is only about 2 weeks old but already things are heating up. Every Tuesday I will ask you to post your questions here on the blog. Then, on Wednesday morning, I will ask selected questions from the blog to Rep. Perry. (More after the jump)

This morning on the show I brought up a bill that has been filed that would combine school districts into larger County districts. In other words, we'd get rid of Lubbock ISD and Lubbock-Cooper ISD and instead have Lubbock County ISD. This is one topic we will bring up with Rep. Perry on Wednesday's show.

Personally, I don't really like this idea. At first it may seem like we could save money by having less administrators, but would we really have less? Wouldn't we just have more Assistant Superintendents? Also, what does it do to the quality of education? And wouldn't parents who move to small districts be upset about being forced into larger, super districts?

I don't see this bill going anywhere, but it does show that education in Texas is on the list to be cut.