A business featured last week on ABC's show Shark Tank not only 'got the deal' with Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca, but they are expanding to Lubbock.

Rent Like A Champion CEO, Mike Doyle, talked with us about what exactly his business is and what it means to Lubbock.

Mike said what they do is rent people's homes in college towns for football games and events like graduation. He said that when people are traveling, say, for instance, from Dallas to Lubbock for a Texas Tech football game, their service allows them to stay in a home, rather than booking a hotel room, or several hotel rooms, for a group.

The way it works is that people in Lubbock contact them through their website, email info@rentlikeachampion.com or call toll free 855-BIG-GAME.

Mike said that "homeowners can make $1,100 per weekend, renting their home to people coming to town for game weekends." The furthest away from the college they allow is 5 to 10 miles.

When Mike and his partner, Drew Mitchell, went to pitch their business on Shark Tank, he said that the biggest surprise was that it can take up to two hours to run the pitch. The average time is 45 minutes. He said that once a pitch has started, "it goes on until they make a deal or all the sharks are out."

He said the most unnerving part of being on Shark Tank was that when you first entered the room with the 'sharks,' you stand in silence for about 30 or 40 seconds.

"You're looking at them [the sharks], they're looking at you. You're sweating bullets," he said.

Mike said the best thing to remember is to stay calm, confident and know your product.

You can check out Mike Doyle and Drew Mitchell on Shark Tank below.