Thursday on Lubbock's First News, Rebecca Saathoff Davis spoke with Tom and Laura about Les Miserables, a production of Moonlight Musicals and the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra.

The opening night of the production is Thursday, November 21 and will run through Sunday, November 24. Davis is the daughter of Mary Saathoff, CEO of LSO. She is a recent graduate of NYU's musical theater program. Davis previously played a role in The Sound of Music and Beauty and the Beast.

She is performing the role of the older Cosette, sharing the stage with major actors David Gaschen, Gerald Dolter, and many others. Describing the character she performs, Davis said, "You have to remember that... for the first eight years of her life she was an orphan, was mistreated by the people who were taking care of her. She is really interesting to play, because she has so many parts to her character that go into it."

For tickets, visit Select-A-Seat website or call 806-770-2000. More information can be found on the Moonlight Musicals website.

Listen to the full interview:

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