Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Rebecca Crownover discussed her book Texas Farm Girl, scheduled for release next month.

Crownover has been involved in the farm industry for many years. Four years ago in July, Crownover's husband passed away from a head injury caused by an ATV accident. To help her young daughter understand and cope with this event, Crownover wrote her first book, My Daddy is in Heaven with Jesus, in 2012.

Crownover has continued life in the farm industry. She has also written her second book, Texas Farm Girl, a portrayal of growing up on a farm and working hard with her grandfather. It is also an educational book about Texas farming practices and positive messages. The book will be released on December 3. By writing children's books, Crownover hopes "not only to educate and entertain children about farming, but also to teach life lessons, using farming as a vehicle to do it."

More information about Crownover and her work can be found on her website. Both books can be purchased on Amazon.

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