Today on Lubbock's First News, Cheryl Isaacs of Coldwell Banker stopped by the studio  to inform us how to choose a builder for your next home.

With the 59th Annual Parade of Homes now taking place in Lubbock, Cheryl Isaacs thought it would be useful to let listeners know the importance of choosing the right builder when buying a new home. "Lubbock is so blessed to have fabulous builders," Isaacs told us, "but we just have some that, after the house is closed, they will not come back." To find one that will, Isaacs suggests against choosing a builder based off of their charisma. Instead, request the contact information of the last 3 clients the builder constructed homes and closed for. Give these three people a call and "if those three people give you a good reference that he comes back after the house is closed, does the repairs necessary, then [you] can feel pretty assured that he has a good reputation." Isaacs emphasized that new house-shoppers ask for the last three people the builder built and closed for to avoid the builder cherry picking specific people favorable towards him. In theory, the right builder should provide repairs on the home they built for up to a year.

Next time you are searching the market for a new home, make sure to follow Cheryl Isaacs' words of advice. To help in your search for new or used homes, check out the Coldwell Banker website. Also, don't forget to check out Lubbock's Parade of Homes.

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