Elected leaders in the state of Texas are reacting to the Supreme Court of the United States ruling 5-4 to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

Texas Governor Rick Perry released a statement after the ruling saying,

"This ruling will be a stomach punch to the American economy. It is a shocking disappointment to freedom-loving Americans desperate to get our country back on track. Obamacare is bad for the economy, bad for health care, bad for freedom. Americans have made clear their overwhelming opposition to its convoluted, burdensome and overreaching mandates."

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott during a conference call with reporters earlier this morning said that Chief Justice John Roberts may have engaged in "Judicial Activism."

Abbott also said during the call, "The Supreme Court did what Congress was afraid to do -- called Obama Care a tax on all Americans."

Senator John Cornyn also said, "The Supreme Court made clear today that the American people will be the ultimate judge of ObamaCare.  As Republicans, we will redouble our efforts to repeal this job-killing law. "

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) on her Twitter account said, "The Supreme Court upheld the ACA by a 5-4 vote. This decision is a victory for all Americans."

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