Today's blog isn't going to be about the entire Victor Hernandez tax situation. Right now we are in a wait and see pattern until the City Council comes together on Tuesday. We don't know if Hernandez is going to resign or be thrown out. And who exactly can throw him out? That's not exactly clear.

Instead of rehashing the past week, I want to address some of the things we've heard here at KFYO regarding our coverage and discussions.

Almost immediately after the Mayor's news conference on Friday, some people wanted to find someone to blame for the problems coming out of District 1. Naturally, they turned their sights on KFYO News, Rex Andrew, and myself.

One blogger decided that this was a conspiracy to oust Victor Hernandez. We were labeled a right-wing propaganda outlet and called the most right-wing station in Lubbock. The blogger believes that we teamed up with the power players in Lubbock to take Hernandez down.

Really? KFYO is a News and Opinion station. The shows that we air are opinion based. Out of all the shows we air, LFN was the only show that really focused on this issue. Calling LFN a right-wing propaganda machine shows that some people are talking out of their... rear-ends. Yes, we disagree with President Obama on many issues, but so does the majority of the county. We have also disagreed with Republicans. In fact, there have many times where the majority of listeners have disagreed with my stance on Gay Marriage, Sex Education, and Drugs. None of my stances would reflect a right-wing propaganda machine I can assure you.

As for being the most right-wing station in town? Guilty and we have the most listeners. I guess you can fault us for expressing our true opinions.

The talk of conspiracy and KFYO working with the power players in Lubbock is foolish. As I said on today's show, I want LP&L to be more transparent. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be and anyone on the council who disagrees will need to answer why. At the end of the day, a council-person who is breaking the rules should be held accountable. It doesn't matter if they are White, Black, or Hispanic.

Which brings me to another point. Some people in the community are trying to make this about race. They have called everyone who works at KFYO a racist. Some say that we are only going after Hernandez because he is Hispanic.

I can tell you that race was never part of the story. The story is about a city leader not paying his taxes and being ineligible to serve.  It doesn't hurt my feelings when I'm accused of being a racist. Hell, when I was for alcohol sales in Lubbock, people said I wasn't a Christian. They were wrong and so are those playing the race card. What does make me upset is that there are people who will really think that race was behind this entire story, and they won't look at what really happened. The people who play the race card are typically the ones who have no argument. Either that, or they are morons and either way they don't deserve to be listened to.

I've written and talked about personal responsibility many times. There are many people in our world who wish to blame others instead of pointing the finger at themselves. This doesn't do us any good. So why do people keep doing it? Why do we always look for others to blame? No one is to blame here except Victor Hernandez and honestly, if he would just pay up then everything would be fine. To the those out there that wish to blame KFYO or others in Lubbock, you just look foolish.